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Thrilling Drive-By Stories

Commute-length fiction

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Commute-length fiction stories. When I say that I picture some crazy writer bracing the steering wheel with his knees, left arm looped over the wheel, while pounding with one hand on a vintage portable typewriter sitting on the passenger seat. The clack and strike of the keys pounds over the radio blasting Bat Out of Hell. A slush pile of manuscript pages fills the space on the floor in front of the passanger seat. The bell clangs. He slaps the carriage return while slamming on the brakes to come to a stop at a light. With a practiced motion he pulls the completed page free, tosses it to the floor and leans over to cram a new sheet into the typewriter, spinning the platen to feed the monster.

The reality looks a bit different. I'm not writing while I drive. I am writing stories that can be read or listened to within the length of a typical commute. Initially, I did use a recorder to dictate hands-free, but I've decided that it is still distracted driving even using a hands-free recorder to dictate the story. Plus, I'm not giving the story the sort of thought that I should because I'm focused on the road.


Why do you use the Creative Commons License? As a librarian and a writer, I want people to read my stories. I want people to feel free to share them. That means removing obstacles that get in the way of that goal.

Then how do you expect to make money off your stories? As I explain on the price page, there are many ways that people can choose to support my work. That could mean paying for the convenience of getting a copy through a particular store, paying for a physical copy, or providing support through Patreon or similar services. In that last case, the stories are free but the community provides support to show appreciation, to encourage the work to continue, and to be a part of that community.

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