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Thrilling Drive-By Stories

Commute-length fiction

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I post each of the stories on Drive-By Stories with a CC BY-SA license for . It fits my goals as a writer and a librarian. I don't want money to be an obstacle for anyone reading or sharing these stories. That's the foundation.

Extra access costs more.

Optional Extra Features

If you enjoy the stories and want more, here's how you can get access:

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Costs as little as $1/month. You set the pledge amount per story, billed each month (with any cap you want). But you only pay if I deliver! Subscribers get access to the stories before anyone else. At higher tier levels you can choose to get original recordings, behind-the-scenes posts, writing files, and even receive collectible e-book and digital audio editions.

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E. All of the above! The best answer! Subscribe, buy print copies, sign up for the newsletter, and even book me to speak at your conference.

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