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Thrilling Drive-By Stories

Commute-length fiction

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Title Words Written Genre
A Simple Misunderstanding1,5943/12/2016Science Fiction
Born Lucky1,1023/5/2016Fantasy
Credo of a Mad Scientist9826/3/2016Science Fiction
Emmett's Epiphanies1,3063/8/2016Fantasy
Exile by Starlight1,7355/23/2017Science Fiction
Generational Expectations4079/10/2017Science Fiction
Go Ahead, Indulge1,4077/17/2017Science Fiction
Interviewed Again9529/12/2017Science Fiction
Lunch Date1,0068/28/2017Fantasy
Prime Directive69010/17/2017Science Fiction
Reditus7265/25/2017Science Fiction
The Disconnect Discordance1,6763/16/2016Science Fiction
The Idea Man90812/27/2010Fantasy

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